ICPI Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Cancer Causes and Prevention



This highly selective interdisciplinary PhD program brings together leading scientists from institutions across the world to promote education and research on the causes of cancer and on cancer prevention. Participating students will integrate their research project in their main host laboratory with collaborative work carried out in one or more of the other ICPI laboratories. Key areas of interest to be explored during the collaborative research projects include:

  • Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Genetics and Epigenetics
  • Human Pathology
  • Epidemiology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Public Health Economics
  • Science Policy and Communication

Education and research opportunities offered by the ICPI Collaborative PhD Program in Cancer Causes and Prevention include short or long-term research internships at other participating laboratories, attending courses offered by the institutions of these other laboratories and the possibility of co-mentorship for PhD thesis work. Students will present their research at the annual ICPI Cancer Prevention meeting in front of members of all other ICPI participating laboratories and invited leaders in academia, industry, science policy and communication. This will provide a unique opportunity for students to improve presentation and communication skills, to network and explore future career possibilities.


How To Apply


To apply, please send a motivation letter together with an indication of areas of interest and a choice of two-three preferred laboratories to: Info@icpi-web.org. Applications should include an updated CV, a description of previous research/work experience and a letter of support from at least two relevant referees. Any student already enrolled in the PhD program of one of the participating laboratories is welcome to apply at any point during her/his studies.



Applications are accepted from May 1st – July 1st each year.

Selection Procedure


Applicants accepted by one of ICPIs participating laboratories should identify, in concert with their supervisor, other participating laboratories with which they would be interested in collaborating. To see a list of all participating laboratories and their proposed short and long-term research projects follow this link.

The ICPI Doctoral Committee will review all applications and successful candidates will be invited to the yearly ICPI Cancer Prevention meeting. At the meeting, applicants will present their previous and on-going research, watch presentations of the research being conducted in other laboratories and arrange for personal interviews with the laboratories that they are interested in collaborating with.

Degree requirements


All doctoral students must satisfy the degree requirements of the university at which they are enrolled in order to receive their PhD degree. This may require students to collect additional credits for activities that are not recognised by this program. In addition, the university at which the student is enrolled will handle all matters relating to evaluation of the PhD student.