EMBO – Perspectives on Skin Cancer Prevention

8th – 11th April, 2018. EMBO – Perspectives on Skin Cancer Prevention being held in Les Diablerets, Switzerland. Organised by Prof. Dotto, Dr Özdemir, Prof. Wagner and Prof. Werner. Follow This Link For More Information ›   The main goal of this... read more


Metabolic Disorders and Liver Cancer

23rd – 26th April 2017: Metabolic Disorders and Liver Cancer, Palma de Mallorca. Organised by E. Wagner. The overall goal of this EMBO Workshop is to provide the most important and up-to-date research in the field of liver metabolism and disease. The conference... read more

ICPI Lab Meeting Series

6th – 7th February 2017: ICPI Lab Meeting Series in Lausanne, Switzerland. This series has been put together by Prof. Dotto, Prof. Brisken, Prof. Werner, Prof. Sibilia and Prof. Wagner. read more

Frontier Research and Science Diplomacy

27th – 28th October 2016: Prof. Dotto will speak at the European Research Council Conference “Frontier Research and Science Diplomacy” in Brussels. This conference aims to: Investigate the state of the art of research related to science diplomacy as part of the... read more

Perspectives in Cancer Prevention

12th – 16th September 2016 This is a workshop on the perspectives in cancer prevention. You can view the program here: “Perspectives in Cancer Prevention”... read more