Pietro Presti, MBA

Pietro Presti received his Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Turin, Italy and obtained his MBA from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He is started a PhD in Business and Management at the University of Turin, Italy. Pietro is currently the Managing Director at the “Edo ed Elvo Tempia” Foundation, a private foundation based in Italy that engages in Cancer Control, Prevention and Research within projects and programs in: Early Detection, Screening, Molecular Oncology, Oncogenomics, Palliative Care, Psychoncology, Cancer Registries and Clinical Research. Pietro is a dynamic, creative and goal-oriented manager with experience in healthcare, especially in oncology, including innovation and business development management. Possessing an important track record of managing and scaling complex and innovative projects and public-private partnership, with a substantial experience in strategic and sustainable business development, with a strong European network at institutional and private level. His research activities and interests include innovation, business development, public-private partnerships (PPP’s), technology transfer (TOT), start-ups and spin-offs.

Pietro was previously the CEO at im3D Clinic Scarl, a university spin-off operating in the field of oncological screening and prevention, based on medical imaging technologies dedicated to the early diagnosis and prevention of colorectal cancer and breast cancer. He has been the speaker at several international and national conferences, a teacher at university masters and in May 2007, Pietro became a member of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

Currently, Pietro is also appointed as:

  • Chair of the Audit Committee
European Association E.C.P.C. (Bruxelles, Belgium) 
  • Vice-president
National Association Europa Uomo (Milan, Italy) europauomo.it
  • Member of Board of Director
National Federation F.A.V.O. (Rome, Italy) favo.it
  • Member of Board of Director
of Pia Istituzione Medico Sella (Biella, Italy)