ICPI provides a platform to support and foster international and interdisciplinary collaborations amongst researchers that are working to deepen our understanding of cancer and how we can prevent it. On this page you can find a selection of the many groundbreaking projects that are currently being conducted by our partners.


Prof. G. Paolo Dotto’s group (UNIL, Switzerland) and Prof. Bongiovanni group (CHUV, Switzerland) are combining their unique expertise and resources of cytological analysis with state-of-the-art molecular and genetic analysis of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) development, in a multidisciplinary setting, in order to gain insights into mutational profiles and deranged signalling network in cancer cells of origin as well as predictors of malignant cancer risk. Prof. Dotto’s group are also exploring the genetic predisposition for cutaneous cell carcinoma in organ transplant recipients (OTRs). The resulting insights on genetic and epigenetic predisposition to skin cancer could lead to identification of low risk versus high risk groups within OTRs allowing a risk-adjusted approach in the care of these highly affected patients.


Prof. Cathrin Brisken’s group at EPFL, Switzerland, work on understanding how hormones interact with developmental signaling pathways in the breast to control growth and differentiation and how they contribute to breast cancer development. The lab then seeks to translate these insights into novel approaches to prevent and treat breast cancer.